Getting started on JASMIN


This series of video lessons is intended to guide new users through getting to grips with working on the JASMIN platform, principally as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project PRIMAVERA, but the methods demonstrated should be applicable to any project using JASMIN.

Each page contains an embedded video of around 5-10 minutes along with an expandable transcript that should hopefully follow the video. The side-bar contains an index of the available lessons and links directly into the JASMIN help docs, relevant for each lesson, available via

Note: These videos are intended for users with little experience of JASMIN, so may go a little slow for some users.

These lessons, along side the content on the JASMIN help site, make up deliverable D9.2 of the PRIMAVERA project.

Written by Matthew Mizielinski (Met Office, UK) , September 2016.
Please email Jon Seddon with any queries.


You should find a rought transcript, with commands that you can copy and paste, in each page in this section in each lesson